Hankook Ventus ST RH06

Tyre rating 95 %

Rating based on 1 tyre tests, EU labels and customer reviews

no. 13 of 539 summer tyres

Price index: upper-middle

Hankook summer tyres overall rating 67%



Sand traction
Autobild 2018

Gravel traction
Autobild 2018

Grass traction
Autobild 2018

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Hankook Ventus ST RH06
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Hankook Ventus ST RH06 is made in 12 sizes, starting from 265/60 R18 up to 285/50 R20.
wheel sizetyre sizepricespeed indexweight indexextrascheck also
17"275/55 R17V109mfsFirestone Destination HP
Continental PremiumContact 6
18"265/60 R18V110mfsContinental SportContact 5 SUV
GoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
285/50 R18W109mfsContinental CrossContact UHP
285/55 R18V113mfs
285/60 R18V116mfs
20"265/50 R20W112mfsXL
275/40 R20W106XLNokian zLine SUV
Kumho Crugen HP91
275/55 R20V117mfsXLGoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
285/50 R20V112mfsGoodYear Efficientgrip SUV
Continental PremiumContact 6
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