The test of winter tyres 2015

Updated 9. 10. 2015, Jiri Chomat


Tyre test 2015 Here you will find tests tires for the 2015 season. Also worth seeing our summary of the best winter tires across the dimensions on page Winter tires, you regularly updated with each new test.

The available tests tires for winter 2015:

We recommend for the season 2015/2016

What we recommend for this year's season to learn on our the big list of winter tyres.

We have prepared for you a few tips that this winter will definitely can't go wrong. The first of them is the premium winter tire from the German manufacturer Continental, and it ContiWinterContact TS850. This is the tire, which prevails in the vast majority of tests for several years in a row and it is no different this year--won the test ADAC, Autobild, Autozeitung i GTÜ. It is available in the dimensions of R14 up to R17, for small and medium cars. Its advantages are very balanced universal properties that are useful for variable-the Czech winter. Also an above-average battery life compared to the competition. In the evaluation of the drivers are also doing very well – 92% of drivers is satisfied with the tyre. From the same category of tyres also can't go wrong with GoodYear UltraGrip 9 nebo Dunlop Winter Sport 5. Both are also famously rated in our tests and have a balanced combination of speech, similar to the just mentioned Continentaly.

The second tip is to tire our economy Michelin Alpin A4. It's premium winter tire savings, whose economy, however, does not affect driveability. It has a high mileage RAID, according to the measurement last about 35% more than the average winter tire and tire tests confirm it. From the perspective of economy has in our tests. It was recommended in our tests, the ADAC, Autobild, the Auto Club of the CZECH REPUBLIC and others. It is great in the snow, has a low rolling resistance and confirms the quality even on dry and wet roads. It is produced and its successor, Alpin 5However, the us has yet to convince in the tests too.

The third recommendation is this year's novelty Nokian WR D4, the successor to the very popular Nokian WR D3. It's popular with drivers, in particular thanks to its price/performance ratio, which is typical for Nokian. New recommended already in several of this year's tests, from organizations such as the GTÜ, Autozeitung a Automotorsport. This is an exceptional new also in the evaluation of the EU label – in many dimensions is in the grip of the wet and winter tyres, which is not customary. Also a large range of sizes, from R14 to R20. It is suitable for those who are looking for a tire with great features at an affordable price.

If you have a 4WD or SUV,would you be interested in the following tire. It is a model Nokian WR SUV 3who won in the tests of the tyres Offroad and Autobild magazine, 2014. For cars, 4 x 4, one can assume that snow will meet more frequently than normal passenger cars, and the Finnish manufacturer outfitted by the claws in the tread, which has a great tire traction on snow and ice. In Nokianu, however, know that the perfect winter tire for the European winter, however, doing mainly versatility – therefore WR SUV 3 lost, even in the spring months thanks to the compelling and predictable jízdně in the wet conditions, even in its dry. It is manufactured in sizes for SUVs from R14 to R22.

Not all drivers are demanding a top properties of winter tyres, but they want a safe tire for a reasonable price. Such is, for example, Sava Eskimo S3+, that has been recommended as ADACem and Accr. Its advantage is a ride in the snow, because it is also a common choice for drivers in mountainous areas.It also has a low impact on fuel consumption. Rather, it is available in smaller dimensions R13 up to R15. The alternative with similar properties is German Fulda Kristall Montero 3. Affordable is then also the Czech driver of the popular Barum Polaris 3, with a very wide selection of dimensions Savě to R18. Vtests is doing well, even this year, took third place in a test of Autobild and regularly recommended all testujícími organisations. Compared to the Savě It has a rather more balanced driving characteristics, in all categories, safe values.

In conclusion, we have for you a few recommendations on how to proceed in the selection of winter tyres, and prevent problems. Always make sure that the correct size of tires, including the speed and weight of the index. The correct size you will find in the large TP to your vehicle. For winter tyres it is possible to use a lower speed index – one must, however, be recorded in the ship's computer, or otherwise prominently displayed. Always choose winter tires depending on how and where the car you are using. For the city traffic put the emphasis on the behavior of the wet and dry, in mountain regions, by contrast, turn on the properties on snow and ice. The problem of the selection tests can be that it is not in your size, no test available.And you can choose according to the similar dimension, the most important property is the width of the tire. Certain landmark EU labels can also be – although not winter properties, but is always subject to a specific dimension.Reviews for drivers zohledňujte rather in the alternative, the driver can always compare only the old stoned tire with a new full sample, where will the new always necessarily better. It also may be the wrong properties made rather than the poor status of the vehicle tyre.

If you in the selection of winter tyres to save work, try our the Configurator the tires in your dimension and suggests tests, reviews and the EU labels the most appropriate. Good luck in choosing tires and many kilometres of winter wishes to server

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