Test winner: Goodyear UltraGrip 9

More achievements: 1. place ADAC 2016, 2. place Autozeitung 2014, 2. place Automotorsport 2014, 2. place ADAC 2018, 2. place Autobild 2016, 2. place Autobild 2015, 3. place ADAC 2015, 3. place ACE 2014, 3. place Autobild 2018, 3. place ACE 2018, 3. place Autobild 2016, 3. place Autozeitung 2015, 4. place GTÜ 2016, 5. place ADAC 2018, 5. place ADAC 2017, 5. place Autoklub ČR 2016, 6. place Autobild 2018, 6. place Autobild 2015

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The nameoverall ratingdry grip (15%)wet grip (30%)snow (20%)ice (10%)Noise level (5%)fuel consumption (10%)wear (10%)price
Goodyear UltraGrip 9praiseworthy2.
Michelin Alpin A4praiseworthy2.
Dunlop SP Winter Response 2praiseworthy2.
Fulda Kristall Montero 3good2.
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-001good2.
Continental ContiWinterContact TS850good2.
Falken Eurowinter HS449good2.
Uniroyal MS plus 77good2.
Pirelli Winter 190 Snowcontrol Serie 3good3.
Semperit Master-Grip 2good2.
Barum Polaris 3good2.
Firestone Winterhawk 3sufficient2.
Matador MP54 Sibir Snowsufficient2.
Aeolus Snowace AW02insufficient3.
Linglong Green-Max Winter HPinsufficient3.
Mentor M200insufficient2.
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Sorted by final rating awarded by ADAC. The value in parentheses indicates the total weight of the criteria, which it has in the overall ranking. Lower number is better. More information below the table.

Testing methodology: ADAC ranks according to the weight of each of the criteria listed in parentheses. However, in order for the test to be meaningful, the ranking is the most influenced by the worst of measured values, therefore the average tyre in each crieteria can be ranked very high despite not being the best in any criteria. JIt's because the total rating (excellent, good, average, ...) is based on the worst from the criterias. Therefore, if the tyre has at least one value higher than 1.5, it can no longer get the "excellent" rating. This is because the weakest value affects its security the most. Tyre tests are virtually the only factor in choosing the comparison, it is therefore appropriate to pay attention.The most common size 165/70 R14 appearing on cars: Škoda FABIA, Škoda CITIGO, Škoda FABIA Combi, Citroën BERLINGO;BERLINGO Van, Toyota YARIS, Fiat PUNTO, Suzuki IGNIS, Volkswagen Polo, Renault KANGOO, Renault KANGOO Van

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