Test winner: Continental ContiPremiumContact 5

More achievements: 1. place Testworld 2014, 1. place Automotorsport 2014, 1. place ACE 2017, 1. place Gute-Fahrt 2017, 1. place Autoklub ČR 2017, 2. place ADAC 2013, 2. place ACE 2015, 2. place Autobild 2015, 2. place Autozeitung 2017, 2. place ADAC 2016, 3. place ADAC 2015, 3. place Autozeitung 2013, 3. place ADAC 2018, 3. place ADAC 2017, 3. place Firmenauto 2016, 3. place Autobild 2016, 4. place ACE 2013, 5. place Autobild 2018, 6. place Autobild 2013, 9. place ADAC 2018, 9. place Autobild 2016, 12. place Autobild 2013, 13. place ADAC 2014

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Sorted by final grade awarded by ADAC. The value in parentheses indicates the total weight of the criteria, which it has in the overall ranking. Grades are from 1 to 5 -lower is better. More information about testing is below the table.
The nameoverall ratingdry grip(20%)wet grip(40%)noise(10%)fuel consumption(10%)wear(20%)price
Continental ContiPremiumContact 5praiseworthy1.
Goodyear Efficient Grip Performancepraiseworthy1.
Nokian Linepraiseworthy2.
Dunlop Sport BluResponsepraiseworthy1.
Vredestein Sportrac 5praiseworthy1.
Hankook Kinergy Eco K425praiseworthy1.
Firestone Firehawk TZ 300 alphagood1.
Michelin Energy Saver +good2.
Sava Intensa HPgood2.
Pirelli P1 Cinturato Verdegood2.
Infinity Ecosisgood3.
Yokohama BluEarthgood2.
GT-Radial Champiro Ecogood2.
Semperit Comfort-Life 2good2.
Kumho EcowinG ES01 KH27sufficient2.
Matador MP16 Stella 2insufficient3.
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The most common size 185/60 R14 appearing on cars: Škoda FABIA, Ford FUSION, Škoda FABIA Combi, Chevrolet AVEO, Peugeot 206 SW, Fiat PUNTO, Hyundai ACCENT, Peugeot 206, Opel CORSA C, Škoda CITIGO
Zdroj: Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC.DE)
The methodology: ADAC ugives grade according to the weight of each of the criteria listed in parentheses. However, in order for the test to make sense, it's always the worst value that matters the most. If the tyre fails in some area, it's considered worse than being average in every area. This is because the total rating (excellent, good, satisfactory, ...) is based on the worst grade awarded. Therefore, if the tyre has at least one value higher than 1.5, you can no longer get the "excellent" rating if at least one value higher than 2.5 cannot get good rating and so on. This is because the weakest value has a major impact on overall security of the tyre.

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